F E A T U R E D   R E V I E W S

"John Uzodinma’s hands must be graced by God in the way he creates urges of the heart with his music. His work makes me leap for joy. Songs that have captivated black culture for years are made new through his skilled penmanship—Uzodinma is like a pensive writer with his art, driving peaceful words deep within our spirits. It lifts us. Reaches us on an altogether other level that most never knew existed. Uzodinma has been granted grace, yes, but it is us who has received an indistinguishable grace in hearing his brilliant, long-lasting artistry"- Don H.


"John represents in the highest manner what is meant by the phrase, “a professional artist”! John rendered a selection for my 50th Birthday Celebration and he amazed the crowd. Each time I’ve seen him share his gift, I’ve seen him totally submerge himself into his performance. I would recommend John for your next event and can guarantee you that you will be beyond satisfied!!" - Dr. Mark H.

"2020 has been one of my best years yet. This year I decided to do something a little different. 

I normally go out of town to celebrate my birthday, but this year I decided to do a private day party with only close friends and family. So I rented out one of the best Venues that Jackson, Mississippi has to offer @iam4thavenue. The crew took so much stress off of me. It was like a dream.  And instead of a DJ, I hired a violinist, the_violinistuzo, he definitely set the tone and a vibe for me and my guest. Oh Em Gee we all were blown away.  

It was the violinist for me. I saw him perform once, and I had to hire him for my birthday party. He set the whole vibe." - Fransha H.


March 2022

Violinist will be presented with an Award of Excellence.

E V E N T S​

FEB 2021

(2/12) Celebration --- Confirmed; 

(2/13) Private Dinner --- Confirmed;

(2/14/) Private Valentine Party --- Confirmed;

MAR 2021

(3/6) Birthday party --- Confirmed;

(3/14) Private Dinner --- Pending;

(3/21) Bridal Shower --- Confirmed;

(3/25) 40yr Celebration --- Pending

APR 2021

(4/10)  Birthday Party --- Confirmed; 



MAY 2021

(5/1) Wedding --- Confirmed;

JUN 2021


JUL 2021

(7/11)  Wedding --- Confirmed ;

AUG 2021

(8/28) Wedding --- Confirmed ;

SEP 2021


OCT 2021

(10/2) Wedding --- Confirmed ;

(10/9) Wedding --- Confirmed ;

(10/23) Wedding --- Confirmed ;


NOV 2021


DEC 2021


JAN 2022


FEB 2022


MAR 2022


APR 2022


MAY 2022


JUN 2022


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